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South Venice Baptist Church

While it is true we are saving a little on utilities and other things during this time of social distancing and isolation, the church continues to be the church, reaching out in worship and ministry, and offerings are important. Besides, offerings are not about giving to the church, anyway. Offerings are giving in re-response to God’s generosity and love toward us. We give generously because God is generous.


These are times when many people are looking to the church and other organizations for help because they are out of work due to shutdowns and cutbacks. We want to be able to continue and even increase our church’s support of local organizations that are meeting those needs. We can be the church by fulfilling Jesus’ mandate in Matthew 25 to reach out to ‘the least of these.’

Ways you can donate:

You can give with a credit card or debit card if that is more convenient for you simply click here

Mail in your gift. If you have church offering envelopes, they are ready for mailing. Just add your gift and a stamp, and your offering is on its way. Otherwise, use the address below.

If you do online banking, your bank likely has a way to transfer funds directly to the church, using the church phone number or email address

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